When I looked up there was a full moon in the center of the south sky shining brilliantly. This time I tried to lay myself down in a supine position on the grass. The moon was still shining beautifully while the sky began to dye light cobalt blue. The dawn may be coming.
I thought of Nana. Nana’s big wet eyes, Nana’s gentle lips, Nana’s thin neck, Nana’s small well-formed breasts, Nana’s slender waistline, Nana’s firm butt, Nana’s smooth conical calf.
Nana and I will never be joined together. Nay! more likely Nana will forget me entirely someday. But I will never forget Nana.
Nana must be living forever in my mind beautifully and melancholily with the memory of this beautiful ancient city. And it will come back to me vividly just as she is after ten years, after thirty years, and even after fifty years.
As I closed my eyes some scenery was pictured.
It was that a woman crossed the lake in a small boat. She wore pure white dress with long hem and her black hair was dropped down to the waist. Under moonlight her porcelain-white skin was shining.
The boat headed for an island in the lake. The island was blanketed with a dense and dark forest but it looked very beautiful and peaceful for me.
When the boat reached the island, the woman got off the boat and stood at the entrance of the road which seemed to lead deeper inside. Shortly thereafter she looked back and waved her thin beautiful hand.
The figure illuminated by the moonlight was full of ethereal shine and bliss. And she disappeared into the forest eventually.
When I opened my eyes the sky changed to light aqua and the night was glowing white. It was because of my tears that the sky looked to contain water. I kept watching the sky for a while as I could not control tears coming up irresistibly.
citation from "FISHES DAY"




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